25 May 2012

The last Logistics Cluster Logistics Response Team (LRT) Training took place at Punta della Contessa, Brindisi, from 16 – 22 April 2012, and was most generously sponsored by UPS.

This was the 11th emergency response simulation training that the Logistics Cluster and the Logistics Development Unit has conducted, since 2007, in order to train professional logisticians in the emergency response methodology of the Logistics Cluster and aims to improve the collaboration of the humanitarian community in future emergency operations.

The biannual LRT Training has been a winning success for the last four years; in total, 222 logisticians have participated in the 11 LRT Trainings, representing over 32 humanitarian organisations and 204 Senior Logisticians have participated as facilitators. This April, 22 participants that completed the LRT Training represented 20 humanitarian organisations.

The training began on the ominous Friday 13 April; before the two emergency... READ MORE