26 April 2018

An interview with Lionel Schenal, Logistics Officer in charge of sea operations for Yemen

Lionel is based in Djibouti and from there he manages the voyages of the WFP-chartered vessels VOS Apollo and VOS Theia. It was not easy to lock thirty minutes in his incredibly busy schedule and sure enough he arrived late, directly from the port of Djibouti.

VOS Apollo, Lionel, shipping, transport of cargo

“Sorry, I normally make a point of being punctual, but there has been some last minutes changes that needed my attention” - he says as he enters the office that hosts the Logistics Cluster team in Djibouti.

“Some of the cargo was not on the bill of... READ MORE

19 April 2018

The knowledge that the upcoming monsoon season and possibility of cyclones adversely affecting transportation in and around the Rohingya camps and settlements has been a top priority amongst the humanitarian community in Cox's Bazar.

Many humanitarian organizations have been focusing on preparedness activities and rapid response plans in advance of the rains and wind that will arrive between May and September.

WFP as the lead agency of the Logistics Sector made available twenty 20-foot containers, as weather proof storage, to assist in the stockpiling and preparation planning of these organizations. In total, eight different organizations requested containers which are to be placed in seven strategic locations... READ MORE

05 April 2018

Logistics Preparedness in the Pacific

Stretching more than 3,200 kilometres east to west (a larger distance than Paris to Moscow!), and scattered across 3.5 million square kilometres, the Republic of Kiribati is made up of 33 coral atolls and islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Logistics Cluster first began working with Kiribati in 2017 as part of strengthening overall humanitarian logistics capacity and ensuring Pacific island countries are equipped with the tools they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies, in a region becoming increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters.

Following a Logistics Cluster training in January held in collaboration with the Kiribati National... READ MORE