15 April 2010

When the 32 meter sailing vessel Tres Hombres arrived in Port-au-Prince, the Logistics Cluster was on the move to get hold of its commander, Captain Arjen van der Veen. What was so special about this 70-year old vessel? The answer is Green Logistics.

Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres with supplies to Haiti
© Atlantis Zeilende Handelsvaart


Running only on clean energy, generated by wind turbines or recycled vegetable oil, used mainly for navigation purposes, Tres Hombres sets a global example by becoming the first environmentally friendly transatlantic ship to bring humanitarian aid into a disaster area.

Rebuilt three years ago, Tres Hombres sailed off from Holland on 17 January to deliver humanitarian goods... READ MORE

12 April 2010

On 12 January 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake and we all soon realized that this was going to be one of the biggest emergencies in the past years. Many humanitarian organisations immediately deployed their emergency teams to Haiti and Dominican Republic and there I was on the airplane with my usual emergency backpack to join the rest of my logistics colleagues in Santo Domingo where a large logistics hub was being set up for humanitarian cargo entering Haiti.

Based in Santo Domingo to coordinate UNICEF’s logistics response, I met an excellent group of logisticians – some familiar and some new faces – through working with the Logistics Cluster Cell. And especially when you work with people you know from previous emergency operations, it makes coordination and cooperation a lot easier, interesting, and strong. The bondage we developed and the team spirit we nourished greatly facilitated our work as a Cluster. The Logistics Cluster was the place where it didn’t... READ MORE

08 April 2010

Setting up office is always an arduous task, especially so when you are returning to a war torn area. In Sri Lanka, humanitarian agencies are doing just that. They were asked to leave the Northern region of the Vanni in September 2008 as their safety could no longer be guaranteed during the battle between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Government of Sri Lanka.

Truck unloading.Now that the battle has ended and considerable numbers of IDPs have returned from the camps to their villages in the Vanni, agencies’ operations in the area are stepping up and they need a place to work and overnight. 

CompoundAs many agencies’ offices are no longer inhabitable or are currently in use by government bodies or armed forces, a... READ MORE