30 March 2010

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Logistics Operational Guide (LOG)!


The LOG has been developed through a joint effort facilitated by the Global Logistics Cluster and WFP, with representation from at least 18 humanitarian organisations. It is designed to be a single source of information on humanitarian supply chain best practices and easy access to simple tools and templates.

What is the LOG?

The LOG is a user friendly tool that can be used on-line and off-line. In addition to providing operational tools, templates and guidelines, it hosts information on the application of the different supply chain aspects in the humanitarian operational environment.

Created for field usage

Taking into account that internet connection in the field can be a challenge, with sometimes limited internet connectivity, the LOG can be used in online or offline mode. The user can download the LOG onto a computer, USB or other storage... READ MORE

03 March 2010

As I near the end of my fifteen-month secondment from Action Contre la Faim (ACF), it seems fitting to take a moment to recall some of the things I have seen, to remember people I have met and to reflect on some of the lessons I have learned while working with the Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell. And although there are far too many to mention here, one particular story comes to mind.

Logistics Emergency Team in the PhilippinesTowards the end of 2009, a series of typhoons and tropical storms hit the Philippines and I was deployed to its capital, Manila, as the Logistics Cluster Coordinator. With over 10 million people affected by the storms, the need to ensure that relief items reached those in need was felt across the entire country, but also by one man in particular, Mr. Oliver Bartolo.

As a Supply... READ MORE