20 February 2012


Having been online for more than two years, it was time to revamp the Logistics Cluster Website.

The process was initiated almost six months ago during a series of informal consultations with Logistics Cluster Participants, Cluster Coordinators and Information Management Officers in the field. From the initial meeting with the web design team, up until the final tweaks, we were committed to improving the accessibility and usefulness of the Website for all the Logistics Cluster participants.

Several changes will be noticeable right away; the Home Page and the Operation Pages have been redesigned to provide a better overall experience.

The new preview box.


On the Home Page, a new promotion box with sliding images will draw visitors’ attention to current issues within the Logistics Cluster Website. This could... READ MORE

16 February 2012


A WFP-led assessment mission travels from Misrata to Benghazi.
©Ryan McDonagh/WFP/2012

A year after the uprising began, Libya now has a transitional government, yet despite a formal end to the conflict, challenges and vulnerabilities remain.

The security situation remains volatile, although it is improving, with a number of residual humanitarian needs still to be addressed. Families seeking to return to their homes are facing new challenges such as the damaged infrastructure as well as mines and unexploded ordnances threaten their safety.

The humanitarian community is therefore continuing to provide relief such as food, medical care, water and fuel until Libya’s infrastructure and systems are fully operational. The humanitarian community’s assistance is also playing a major role in helping develop Libya’s... READ MORE