27 January 2015

Armand Adon

On 18 December, a fire occurred at the Logistics Cluster WFP warehouse at the main hub in Conakry, Guinea, and destroyed the main building. Armand Adon, a field support Logistics Officer, was on site the day after the fire. Armand, who has been deployed to Guinea from DRC since 19 November is ‘number two’ at the site, closely assisting Jamal Shafagoj, Head of the Base.

After the fire, working conditions at the base were difficult for Armand and his colleagues. The WFP office facilities inside the main building were lost, along with all the stock stored inside. However, Armand is very proud as he explains that, ‘despite the incident, work at the base never stopped, not even for a single day’. Armand was one among the team of 35 dedicated WFP staff, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the lost storage capacity was restored as soon as... READ MORE

16 January 2015

Hamza Abdalla is a vital part of the Ebola emergency response in Guinea. As an Air Movement Officer with the WFP-managed United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), he is effectively the "control tower" for all UN flights in the country. Hamza, who is Sudanese, has been working seven-day weeks since he was deployed to Conakry in mid-August. Here he explains more about his current role.

How did you come to be in Conakry?

Last summer as I was on my way to Niger for work, I received a call asking whether I'd agree to go to Conakry instead to support UNHAS in the Ebola crisis. I immediately accepted. Once in Conakry I called my family to tell them about my change of plans. We had one Beechcraft 1900 plane and we were already moving passengers inside the country to Nzérékoré and Kissidougou, and to Sierra Leone and Liberia... READ MORE

07 January 2015

Brand new tools and training aimed at building NGO logistics capacity in humanitarian emergencies are available at www.parcelproject.org.

The PARCEL Project resources include a Partner Capacity Assessment Tool; e-learning modules; ‘Pick up and Go’ training packs including Training of Trainers; and a Partner Logistics Toolkit. These exciting new resources are aimed at both international and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enhance organisations’ capacity to scale-up in humanitarian response.

Jonathan Spence, Global Logistics Advisor from WorldVision International said: “Since its inception, PARCEL has always sought to be an enabler for partner organisations to operate... READ MORE