29 January 2010

A fleet of trucks managed by Handicap International / Atlas Logistique has delivered 750 mt of humanitarian cargo to earthquake-affected areas for over 30 NGOs and UN agencies. Working together with the Logistics Cluster in Port-au-Prince, the HI/Atlas team is at the centre of the emergency response. Elena Rovaris (Haiti Logistics Cluster) describes their work.


The office of the Logistics Cluster in Port-au-Prince is located right in the middle of the garden at the MINUSTAH Log Base where humanitarian workers set up camp the day after the earthquake.

It is at the Logistics Cluster help desk where Christophe Morard is constantly receiving and checking requests from the many different organisations asking for help to deliver relief items to those in need.

The Logistic Cluster in Haiti is... READ MORE

16 January 2010

Baptiste Burgaud, deployed by the Global Logistics Cluster, is on the ground at the San Isidro military base in Santa Domingo en route to Port-au-Prince. He gave an update on the scene.

Haiti_BLOG_SD airbase

It’s 14:34h in Santo Domingo and Baptiste Burgaud, seconded by ACF to the Global Logistics Cluster, has been in the San Isidro military base for seven hours. He is one of many aid workers deployed to support the emergency response in Haiti – on his way to provide vital logistics support to survivors and humanitarians on the ground in Port-au-Prince.

The base is packed with NGO and UN staff trying to hitch a ride on the next plane or helicopter bound for the devastated capital. US military C-130s and Black Hawks arrive bringing in the wounded for medical treatment and... READ MORE