Al Waer Convoy

The Logistics Cluster works with the humanitarian community in Syria to identify and address critical gaps and bottlenecks in order to improve the humanitarian supply chain. One of the primary Logistics Cluster activities in Syria includes the coordination and provision of trucks for joint humanitarian convoys. From January 14th-19th the Al Waer Convoy transported Food, WASH, Health and Protection items for WFP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO inside Syria. Preparation for this convoy occurred during a major snow storm, putting WFP logistics capabilities and expertise to the test.

During this same time frame, the country was experiencing a critical shortage of fuel. This fuel shortage was especially serious as the temperature continued to decrease. One of the shelters most impacted by the fuel shortage during the snow storm was the SOS shelter, which accommodates approximately 27 children who have been affected by the Syrian crisis. WFP immediately deployed its logistics staff to the shelter with a delivery of 2500 litres of diesel. This storm and the fuel shortage highlight the necessity of winterization planning as well as the significant humanitarian impact and the growing/changing needs of the protracted crisis. WFP continues to support the victims of the crisis, especially the most vulnerable, through its fast and effective response, both in terms of food and non-food assistance items.