‘‘We grow as a team and we get things done’’
An insight in the first ever Southern African Logistics Response Team Training
06 December 2019
In Bloemfontein, the air is dry. Gusts of sand whirl with the wind, dancing across the open landscape in the South African bush. Tent doors fly open, as meeting minutes, Service Request forms, and other key documents are swept up with the breeze.In a crowded tent, Carmen Jose remains calm in front...
Gearing up for a stronger response
Humanitarians gather in southern Germany for WFP-led simulation
11 October 2019
Neuhausen, Germany – Emergency responders from over 31 different organisations will today descend upon Neuhausen for gear.UP, an annual emergency simulation exercise facilitated by the WFP-led Emergency Telecommunications (ETC) and Logistics Clusters from 12 to 18 October 2019. The large-scale...