Entreposage des intrants COVID-19 pour les partenaires du Cluster Logistique à Kinshasa. Photo : Logistics Cluster.
Répondre au COVID-19 en RDC avec le Cluster Logistique
Comment le Cluster Logistique appuie la réponse des partenaires à la crise COVID-19
09 November 2020
Le 10 mars 2020, le tout premier cas COVID-19 a été officiellement détecté à Kinshasa. Et depuis, le nombre des cas a commencé à augmenter, comme dans la plupart de pays touchés par cette crise sanitaire mondiale. Les déplacements ont été limités et l’état d’urgence et de confinement ont été...
Forward Logistics Base in Chautara, Nepal. Photo: Hakim Froissart.
From toys to tools
Interview with Hakim Froissart, Logistics Cluster Coordinator in Ethiopia.
08 October 2020
Hakim Froissart has always had a keen interest in all things related to logistics, and a passion for supporting the work of humanitarian organisations. Born in Morocco and raised in France, he followed his dreams all the way to Lyon where he attended the prestigious Bioforce course to study...
Tackling COVID-19 and the hurricane season in Haiti
Interview with Gerald Joseph, Administrative Coordinator of Haitian Civil Protection (Direction Générale de la Protection Civile)
05 October 2020
Civil Protection’s agents are clearing the roads, streets and public spaces after tropical storm Laura on 23 August – Haiti, 24/08/2020 by local Civil Protection (DGPC)
“We must be prepared to support the region and act fast”
Response, Readiness and Preparedness in Latin America and the Caribbean
05 October 2020
Facilitation of airlift in Venezuela, July 2020
Trainings in the time of COVID-19
Virtual Logistics Cluster Induction Training for Somalia
30 September 2020
Stronger Together
A journey from China to Bangladesh
30 September 2020
Srabasti Sarker from the Logistics Sector and Sua Choi from WFP holding JTS gowns upon their arrival at the Cox’s Bazar COVID-19 Special Hub. Photo: WFP/Brook Dubois
Haïti : faire face à la saison cyclonique et répondre au COVID-19
Entretien avec Gerald Joseph, coordonnateur des affaires administratives de la Direction Générale de la Protection Civile
03 September 2020
Les brigadiers de la Protection Civile débloquent des tronçons de routes, rues et espaces publics suite au passage de la tempête Laura le 23 août 2020. Photo prise dans le département du Sud, Haïti le 24/08/2020 - Protection Civile Locale (DGPC)
A word from our Global Logistics Coordinator
Athalie Mayo's message on COVID-19
18 August 2020
Photo: Logistics Cluster
Recipe for Success
Interview with Logistics Cluster colleague Christophe Vial
18 August 2020
Here, Christophe, fourth from the right, with colleagues during the Cluster Coordinator workshop in April 2019 in Rome. Photo: Logistics Cluster
Adapting to new modalities
Working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic
18 August 2020
Virtual E-LCI Q&A session facilitated by the Global Logistics Cluster Training Team
Home game for the new Coordinator
Muhsin Mufti on leading the Logistics Sector in Nigeria
18 August 2020
Muhsin in Maiduguri, coordinating the arrival of a plane carrying Shelter material for IOM Nigeria. June 2020. Photo: Logistics Sector
"We are all responding together and that is what makes the difference"
Meet Ali Yackub, Logistics Officer for the Logistics Cluster in Somalia
18 August 2020
Ali Yackub at Mogadishu Airport - July 2020