With over 5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, Somalia faces one of the most complex and protracted humanitarian crises in the world. This year, the triple threat in Somalia – COVID-19, locust and flooding, have further compounded the logistics challenges present for operations in Somalia. As a result, the Logistics Cluster was reactivated in April 2020.

At the heart of all Logistics Cluster operations is a call for collaboration and cooperation, but without the ability to meet face to face and work alongside each other this can be challenging. To help build relationships and knowledge, the Global Logistics Cluster training team, in collaboration with the Somalia Country Office, created a daylong Virtual Logistics Cluster Induction Training (LCI) for Somalia.

On 8 September, 49 participants from 21 organisations joined the virtual training. They engaged in robust discussions on the gaps and bottlenecks in emergency logistics operations and brainstormed ways in which collaboration amongst the partners would streamline efforts. Of course, all of these conversations were centred around the operations in Somalia.


This is what some of the participants had to say about the training:

"Through its high level of practicality, the course was very enlightening. It has added to my existing appreciation of the role of logistics in a humanitarian response. I know from the depth of knowledge and skill acquired, my effectiveness and contribution to this field will be more impactful and of greater value.” Sandra Kabiru, Senior Program Coordinator, World Vision

“I learnt about the formation and the responsibilities of the Logistics Cluster during emergencies. I also learnt for the coordination to be successful in any emergency, partners need to be proactive in the provision of vital information required.” Isaac Oluoch, Logistics Assistant, UNICEF Somalia

The day was a great opportunity to speak directly the other partners in the field and learn how to better support each other. Amelia Stewart, the IM Officer for the Logistics Cluster in Somalia said,

“As the Logistics Cluster was recently reactivated in support of these efforts, the training was a fantastic opportunity for logisticians working in Somalia to deepen their understanding on how to make the best use of - and contribute to - the Logistics Cluster community. We're very much hoping to run many more trainings of this kind in the future.”.


We agree, and also look forward to more trainings of this kind!


Want to upskill your logistics knowledge? Check out the Logistics Cluster Training webpage to find out more