The road from Ngombe Mwana to Ngoyi, in the Nyunzu territory in Tanganyika province, is one of the region's most strategic routes, enabling Logistics Cluster partners to deliver essential life-saving items to local populations. However, up until recently the road was in dire situation, preventing humanitarians from reaching people in need and agricultural producers from transporting their crops to the local market.

By rebuilding a gutter, the Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI), financed by the Common Humanitarian Fund of DRC, has enabled normal traffic to resume on this route. The road is not only essential to meet humanitarian needs in health, nutrition, food security, protection and education in the Ngombe Mwana and Ngoy regions, but also crucial to the development of the local economy, predominantly agricultural production.

“For the Logistics Cluster and its partners, supporting projects for improved road access is critical for the rollout of all humanitarian programmes in-country.This is exactly what this road rehabilitation project represents: enhanced physical access for the humanitarian community." – Thony Kadogo, Logistics Cluster in DRC


Likewise, this project is in line with the 2018-2020 strategy of the Logistics Cluster in DRC, which aims at ensuring partners can access some of the locations hardest to reach. In the DRC context, access is critical for the delivery of life-saving items and remains one of the biggest challenges faced by the humanitarian community in the field.

With the start of the 2019, the Logistics Cluster partners look forward to continuing to work together to overcome logistics challenges across the vast country.

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