The Logistics Cluster organized a port and shipping training in Beirut on 3 and 4 October. Since a large part of the relief items for the Whole of Syria response arrive by sea, professional skills in receiving and handling cargo at ports is critical. The Logistics Cluster addressed these needs of humanitarian organisations by providing training to over 30 participants from 16 international organisations and UN agencies being active in Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The training, that was conducted in English, focused on basic concepts of shipping, port operations and cargo handling. Furthermore, participants received an introduction on the role and work of the Logistics Cluster in the Syrian humanitarian crisis response.

To apply the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice, the training included a visit to the Beirut port where participants witnessed the offloading process and received detailed insights and explanations from port officials on port operations.

By encouraging humanitarian partners to incorporate best practices in their day to day work, the training was not only a way to strengthen organisations’ capacities, but also an opportunity to invite them to use the Logistics Cluster as a platform to share their operational challenges and experiences.