Service Mindset Training

16 July 2009

Communicate. Coordinate. Deliver. Humanitarian Logisticians. The new training program: Service Mindset Training

When communication happens with greater clarity, coordination is easily achieved.

When our actions are coordinated, the delivery of services happens smoothly.

When services are delivered, humanitarian logisticians are making an impact and reducing suffering.

The Logistics Cluster is launching a new, interactive, electronic training program: the Service Mindset Training (SMT). This training is designed to improve the communication & coordination skills and customer service abilities of humanitarian logisticians, which in turn, will improve the quality of partnerships between humanitarian organizations and ultimately the delivery of assistance to the beneficiary.

Logisticians who complete the SMT will be more oriented towards providing the service the customer needs which will improve the overall efficiency of the operation. The SMT provides humanitarian logisticians with a realistic approach to customer service principles and how they can be applied in the context of field and logistics cluster operations.

We believe so strongly in this training that we have made it mandatory for Logistics Cluster secondees. Secondees and staff willSMT screenshot receive an electronic invitation to register to take the training from October. The progress and completion of the course will be registered for every individual through an e-Learning Management System.

However, all humanitarian logisticians can benefit from the training, and we will make it available to your organization free of charge, simply go to the Logistics Cluster website to apply for the training download link. Organizations can apply beginning in early August. In return for this high quality training, organizations are requested to provide and track data back to the Cluster on people trained.