Brand new tools and training aimed at building NGO logistics capacity in humanitarian emergencies are available at

The PARCEL Project resources include a Partner Capacity Assessment Tool; e-learning modules; ‘Pick up and Go’ training packs including Training of Trainers; and a Partner Logistics Toolkit. These exciting new resources are aimed at both international and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enhance organisations’ capacity to scale-up in humanitarian response.

Jonathan Spence, Global Logistics Advisor from WorldVision International said: “Since its inception, PARCEL has always sought to be an enabler for partner organisations to operate more independently in emergency response. Focusing on logistics, which touches on all aspects of a response, through the provision of appropriate benchmarks, training materials and tools which can be contextually adapted, I believe PARCEL has hit the mark. It gives examples of best practice techniques that satisfy operational and donor needs. National NGOs and even International NGOs could benefit hugely from using the blended approaches to individual and capacity building in logistics which PARCEL offers.”

The tools and training are designed to be used separately or together. An international NGO and their national partner can jointly assess their capacity and develop an action plan using the Assessment Tool. Then select the right training and tools in order to build capacity in the way best suited to their needs. The training is practical, uses participatory approaches and encourages peer-to-peer learning.

“It was very much practical, realistic, result oriented. It almost covered all aspects of logistics that is very much difficult to cover in 5 days trainers were very much friendly and participants’ views and opinion were respected. Due to its participatory approach I learnt many things from my fellow as well it was really a good learning experience” said a national NGO participant from Pakistan.

A national NGO participant from Ethiopia commented on how they would use PARCEL going forward: “The training is very useful for every organisation. In the future, it is now possible prepare together training for 2/3 days.”

The resources have been developed with the input of humanitarian practitioners from across the consortium INGO agencies, and national partners during a pilot phase in five countries – Pakistan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Jordan, Haiti – with participation from those based in Kenya, Lebanon and Sudan.

The Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department of the European Commission (ECHO)-funded PARCEL Project is joint initiative between Concern Worldwide, Mercy Corps US, Save the Children International, Tearfund, Action Contre La Faim (ACF), World Vision International, and five Oxfam affiliates.

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From a press release provided by the PARCEL Project team.