This period has been one of researching, writing, editing and receiving feed back from the Reference Groups. Let us update you in greater detail what has happened since the last update in the following:

Development of content

Most of the content for the 12 main topics has been finalized and shared with the Reference Groups. It has been a positive development process receiving feedback from the members of the Reference Groups on a one-on-one basis which has led to interesting discussions on: what to remember when doing an assessment; what are the steps to remember when dealing with customs; and how do you most effectively set up a procurement process?

The Reference Group members talked about their personal experience, shared lessons learned and provided input and suggestions on additional material to include in the LOG. The LOG team would like to thank all of the Reference Group members for their time and commitment to the project.

This first round of conference calls concentrated on receiving feed back on high level content and collecting indications of what manuals, templates and tools should be hyperlinked.

An interesting topic that is being developed ’Operational Environment’. Most of the material for this section has been developed, and the comments from those who discussed this subject at the last LRT have been taken into account.  Fortunately, the LOG team has been offered information and input from different stakeholders and diverse views.

Technical development

The procurement process for creation of the LOG has been finalized and a developer for the tool has been selected. This vendor will build ‘the engine’ of the tool using set lay-out/design frames. This design will be in line with the new lay-out of the Logistics Cluster website.


If you would like to know more about the Logistics Operations Guide, please contact Jane Muyundo:, or Michael Whiting: