Logistics Operational Guide (LOG) – User Feedback

19 October 2010

“We launched the LOG within our organisation in March 2010. To date the Air Operations topic is the most popular and frequently visited. The offline/online capability of the LOG is a great added value to the tool. It makes it extremely easy to access; it’s friendly and the information is easy to find." (Laszlo Viranyi, Director of Procurement, Administration and Logistics Management, Mercy Corps)

Laszlo Viranyi"In early 2011 the LOG will be specifically disseminated to the Operations Managers of various countries during our Annual Operations Manager Workshop.”


The LOG is a tool which consolidates logistics guidelines, best practices, tools and templates from various organisations for use by the humanitarian community. It has been jointly developed by a variety of experts from humanitarian organisations, academia and the private sector. It is available at: http://www.logcluster.org/tools/log

The LOG is a dynamic tool which is continuously updated and improved based on users’ feedback. An evaluation questionnaire has been released to get input and ideas that will help to improve the LOG.

We invite you to take few minutes to fill in the survey and also to distribute it within your organisation. Your feedback is very valuable.

We kindly ask you to complete the survey by 15 November 2010.

The survey is available online at:

It is also accessible on LOG home page.