Logistics Operational Guide

30 March 2010

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Logistics Operational Guide (LOG)!


The LOG has been developed through a joint effort facilitated by the Global Logistics Cluster and WFP, with representation from at least 18 humanitarian organisations. It is designed to be a single source of information on humanitarian supply chain best practices and easy access to simple tools and templates.

What is the LOG?

The LOG is a user friendly tool that can be used on-line and off-line. In addition to providing operational tools, templates and guidelines, it hosts information on the application of the different supply chain aspects in the humanitarian operational environment.

Created for field usage

Taking into account that internet connection in the field can be a challenge, with sometimes limited internet connectivity, the LOG can be used in online or offline mode. The user can download the LOG onto a computer, USB or other storage device and at which point all information can be searched and browsed in the same manner- offline or online. When updating the latest revisions of the LOG, only the revised parts of the LOG will be downloaded.

What is the LOG offering for you?

The LOG contains a comprehensive range of information and is easy to navigate and use. For example;

  • Do you need to quickly set up a warehouse system with the basic documentation?
  • Need guidelines on developing an SOP for transiting and importing goods?
  • Looking for general documentation required for Importation of goods?
  • Do you need to quickly verify a specific donor’s procurement regulations?

There is a world of information in the LOG!

How to get the LOG?

Free download available via the Global Logistics Cluster website: http://www.logcluster.org/tools/log

On this website you will also find supporting documents and tools, such as a quick guide for technical help, a brief Power Point Presentation and a PDF folder presenting an overview of the LOG. All ready to support you as you start using the LOG!

Launched version, first outline

The LOG is a dynamic tool that will be updated on a regular basis based on feedback, new insights and developments in the humanitarian sector. We invite you to support the further development of the LOG by sharing your feedback and suggestions via global.logisticscluster@wfp.org.