Logistics Cluster Global Meeting Paris 2014

06 June 2014

Logistics Cluster Global Meeting 

May 13-15th, 2014 

From May 13th to 15th 2014, the Global Logistics Cluster (GLC) held the year’s first Global Meeting. This biannual event, which took place in Paris, was generously hosted by Solidarités International (http://www.solidarites.org/en/) and recorded the highest number of attendees and contributors since its inception.

Since the introduction of the Cluster approach in 2005 and the organisation of the first Logistics Cluster Global Meeting in Geneva in April 2006, these key meetings have taken place twice a year in different locations across the globe. It brings together international NGOs, UN Agencies, donor agencies and private partners to discuss recent Logistics Cluster operations and collect feedback on Logistics Cluster performance.

As soon as all attendees arrived on day one and took their last bite of croissant, opening remarks were followed by an extensive, interactive session focusing on the 2013 response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; a critical event which has impacted the entire field of humanitarian relief.

NGOs, UN agencies, private partners and donors each presented an overview of their emergency response in the Philippines, which provided attendees with multiple perspectives on the operation. The Logistics Cluster highlighted their strong partnership with the Logistics Emergency Team (LET), which proved vital during the Philippines Operation, both through their valuable logistics expertise and human resources support.

The second day focused on the logistics response to complex and protracted emergencies; activities and challenges were discussed on current Logistics Cluster operations in Central African Republic, South Sudan and Syria. For the first time, attendees were asked to both vote on the topics to be be presented beforehand and to contribute presentations themselves, which lead to a highly participatory work session. Developments in customs facilitation, initiatives in the management of procurement and the increasing importance of impacts on the environment were among some the topics that featured.

Discussions focused on recent developments to the2013 Logistics Cluster projects, the launch of the new website in January 2014, the expansion of Social Media accounts (Twitter and Facebook), and finished with an overview of the upcoming projects for 2014.

For the first time, the Global Meeting included a third day event which was entirely dedicated to the Logistics Cluster’s emerging strategic theme in Cash and Markets; this new forum was co-facilitated between the GLC and the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP). The Supply Chain for Cash and Voucher modalities in humanitarian programmes are no longer a marginal concern, but are rapidly becoming ‘business as usual’ for many humanitarian organisations. Following informal discussions at the last Global Logistics Cluster meeting, and an initial meeting held to explore this topic at WFP in December 2013, this forum was convened to bring together a large number of actors to examine the Supply Chain Management concerns for cash, voucher and market based programming.

The GLC would like to thank all participating organisations, in particular Solidarités International for their generosity and continued support to the Logistics Cluster.