Libya Logistics Capacity Assessment

18 March 2011

A Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) for Libya has been published. It includes essential information on the logistics set-up in the country.

Libya LCA Map

The new Libya LCA can be found at: It provides essential information on the logistics set-up in the country, including ports, airports, storage facilities, roads, telecommunications systems, customs clearance procedures, service providers and transporters. The details on port facilities and maps will be especially useful for humanitarian organisations.

The WFP Benghazi office had already begun compiling the LCA before the current crisis hit Libya. Although some sections of the LCA are not yet complete (e.g. information on milling and airports), the LCA is being made available now as it provides useful information which may support humanitarian operations at this time. The document will continue to be updated and improved.

WFP / Logistics Cluster develop LCAs as part of preparedness activities alongside contingency plans. LCAs are comprehensive reports of logistics in a country, including the humanitarian logistics background and information on infrastructure and logistics suppliers. They help enable a rapid response in emergencies by providing essential information which can help humanitarian organisations to plan operations and quickly set up supply chains and transport corridors.