In Juba, practical trainings on installing MSUs
Thursday, 18 May, 2017 - 16:00

On 26 and 27 April 2017, the Logistics Cluster facilitated a two day training on installing and uninstalling Mobile Storage Units (MSU) at the IOM warehouse compound in Juba.

15 participants from 10 organisations, both UN agencies and NGOs, took part in the training. Many more organisations expressed interest in the training and so another session will be organised by the Logistics Cluster soon - watch this space! SSUD MSU Participants in the training

The two day session focused on training logistics staff and warehouse staff on how to install and uninstall a Wiikhall MSU made by the commercial company OB.Wiik. This is the unit currently in use by the Logistics Cluster in South Sudan - it can be used either to set up storage space in a new location, or to enhance storage capacity in existing warehouse facilities.

The training aimed to develop the capacities of Logistics Cluster partners, so that MSUs can be delivered by the cluster where appropriate and then partner organisations can manage them self-sufficiently.

The training had two parts. Firstly, it included a classroom theory session that covered general and technical details on MSUs.

SSUD MSU Constructing the MSU

The second part, and the section with the most value for participants, was the physical construction of an MSU at the compound. The participants were divided into two teams, Juba and Rumbek, to construct the Wiikhall - this ‘Do It Yourself’ approach to learning was a key part of the training. It was highlighted by participants in their feedback as important to giving them a more in-depth understanding of the process, and more confidence in their own abilities.

Once they had completed their installations, the training followed up with debriefing sessions looking at questions and issues that had arisen during the process.

A second training is being planned and the Logistics Cluster will contact organisations soon with details about it.

SSUD MSU Participants post-training