Jobs for the girls

22 December 2009

"How can we support female logisticians to get started in the humanitarian sector?" asks Pamela Steel from WISE "For several years I have been approached by women who are logisticians in the private sector or have completed logistics training but find it nearly impossible to get a job with humanitarian organisations because many jobs require previous field experience."


Pamela has been talking to women working in humanitarian logistics around the world to find out their secrets for success. So far she has put together 12 great stories from female logisticians in NGOs and UN agencies who have worked hard to succeed in this field. With the help of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport a collection of 30 personal accounts will be published on websites, sent to Human Resource Departments of humanitarian organisations and academic institutions to help guide new graduates in the right direction. Read some of the stories at


If you are involved in humanitarian logistics or supply chain and have some good advice for the next generation of female logisticians then Pamela would like to hear from you.

Contact: Pamela Steele, Women’s Institute of Supply Chain Excellence (WISE)


WISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those affected by war and natural disasters globally by broadening the scope of logistics and supply-chain expertise for women and thus a diverse perspective to work in the humanitarian field