The Information Management Training - from the classroom to the field

22 March 2018
Tukastan IMOs saying goodbye

Last week, the Global Logistic Cluster held the third Information Management Training at WFP HQ in Rome. 31 participants from 15 organisations, including NGOs and UN agencies, attended the four-day intensive training session.

Through a well-prepared detailed scenario in which a fictional country is hit by a destructive earthquake, participants took up the duties of IM officers, in charge of providing support to the humanitarian responders through timely and reliable information and effective coordination. 

Working in emergency

I participated in the training not having much background on the Logistics Cluster, which made me a bit nervous, but I could nonetheless learn a great deal, thanks to the way the course was structured and to the fact that we worked in groups.

The training cornerstone is a realistic emergency situation that runs through the four-day course. Presentations, panel discussions and other theoretical information are weaved into the scenario, allowing participants to immediately apply the elements learned during the taught sessions. 

The working groups were made up of participants with different experience and skills which means that everyone could contribute with different inputs and views and we could all learn from each other.

I will soon be deployed to Iraq as an IM Officer, so I had a lot of expectations from this training. I really appreciated the hands-on approach and the fast pace and I feel I made the most out of the experience. I am now leaving with a much clearer view on the critical role IM officers play during an emergency response.

Time to put it all into practice, leaving to Erbil next week!

Gabriela España

 Tukastan IMOs saying goodbye