Hurricane Matthew Response –All The Way to the Finish Line, No Matter Where That Is

26 January 2017

As Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on 4 October 2016, provoking severe damage to road and ICT infrastructure, housing and health facilities, the Global Logistics Cluster and WFP Haiti office put in place a swift emergency response.
In coordination with the Directorate of Civil Defence (DPC) a Logistics Working Group was established with logistics and coordination hubs in Port au Prince, Les Cayes and Jéremie.
WFP, as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, coordinated access to US military air assets, and Netherlands Navy vessels, through the EU Civil Protection, for responders to reach inaccessible communities. WFP also made available a fleet of off-road trucks and contracted commercial air and sea services to support the humanitarian response.
Air support has been crucial to allow access to locations across Haiti where communities have been cut off as a consequence of severe flooding, landslides and damaged infrastructure.
Every day an average of 30 passengers were transported to different locations to support distribution, assessments and other humanitarian activities and to accompany life-saving and relief cargo for the affected population.
To date, over 2,800 passengers and 420 mt of cargo have been transported to 47 different locations on behalf of fifty-five organisations.