Hurricane Matthew Response – a Princess Enters on Duty in Haiti
Friday, 16 December, 2016 - 17:15

Princess Sam offloading in Anse d' Hainault

Responding to the needs of the coastal communities of Sud and Grande Anse, the departments the most affected by Hurricane Matthew, requires synergy of efforts and resources.

Princess Sam is a large barge with 500 mt capacity, chartered by WFP to step up delivery in areas hard to reach by road. On Friday 9 December, the barge, loaded with food and NFIs on behalf of WFP and IFRC, completed a second rotation to Anse D’Hainault, where ACTED manages a storage facility in support of interagency distribution in the area.

Test landing in Roseau

On the way back to Port au Prince, Princess Sam made a landing test in Roseaux, a pebble beach close to the interagency logistics hub in Jéremie. The landing was completed successfully opening up the possibility to reach the common storage facility with large cargo, bypassing the port of Jéremie, where receiving infrastructure is weak.

The Logistics Working Group, in tight cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Protection (Direction de la Protection Civile - DPC), has been facilitating integrated logistics services since the onset of the emergency, progressively adapting its strategy according to assessed needs, upcoming priorities and reflecting the local logistics capacity, as well as the capacity made available by the responding humanitarian organisations and military forces.

Test landing in Roseau

Thanks to this combined response where organisations were not just participants to the Logistics Working Group, but real stakeholders contributing with assets, expertise, local knowledge and access information, impressive results were achieved. To date, over 1,735 mt of relief items have been stored, 635 mt transported by road, 1,630 mt transported by sea and over 1,680 passengers and 216 mt of cargo have been transported to 47 different locations on behalf of 55 organisations.