Global Logistics Cluster Meeting, Budapest, 22-23 October 09

27 November 2009

More than 30 logisticians from NGOs, standby partners, UN agencies and donors got together for the biannual Global Logistics Cluster meeting to discuss the latest developments in logistics response at the field level and to brainstorm priorities for next year's workplan.

Participants  presented the Logistics Operational Guide (LOG), Medlog training and the UNDP/DPDHL initiative - 'Get Airports Ready for Disasters'. The WASH Cluster also joined the meeting to talk about their global stockpiling project. Copies of the presentations and more details of the discussions can be found here below:

Useful links presentation

DHL-UNDP brief


Briefing on UNDP/DPDHL programme
‘Get Airports Ready for Disasters’ – GARD
Isabelle de Muyser-Boucher, OCHA

WASH Cluster

WASH stockpile logistics project
Martijn Blansjaar, Oxfam GB


UNHAS – Relationship with the Log Cluster
Pierre Carrasse, WFP Aviation Unit

Meeting Minutes

 Objectives of the Global Logistics Cluster
and Support Cell working group session


Update on the Logistics Operations Guide (LOG)
Fred Urlep, WHO

Medlog overview

 Presentation on MedLog
Bernard Chomilier, WFP



Logs Cluster pandemic info

UNHCR Supply Management Service
Radislav Milijanovic, UNHCR


Logistics Response to Pandemic - group exercise, Alastair Cook


 Document and more available here