Copenhagen welcomes managers and logisticians from around the Globe

08 December 2014

The second Global Logistics Cluster Meeting in 2014


For the second time in this year, the Global Logistics Cluster (GLC) held the Global Meeting. This time UNICEF Supply Division generously hosted this meeting from 26th to 28th November 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Firstly held in April 2006 in Geneva, mandated by the Cluster approach, this biannual event is attended by international NGOs, UN Agencies, donor agencies andpartners to discuss recent Logistics Cluster operations and collect feedback on Logistics Cluster performance. Furthermore this forum is used to also discuss and agree on strategic decisions, present new humanitarian logistics initiatives and network with logistics peers.

After a very warm welcoming event in strangely sunny Copenhagen, participants dived straight into topics and discussion on the very next morning. The first day was dedicated to updates on Logistics Cluster Operations and discourses on the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in 2016.

An update on Logistics Cluster operations in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Central African Republic and in the framework of the Ebola Response was highly appreciated and productively discussed by attendees. In this context fields for improvement in operations were analysed and identified – and indeed, we deliver our services but there is always room for improvement! The upcoming WHS and a revision of Logistics Clusters’ methodology in Humanitarian Supply Chain were topics of the afternoon.

With a very participatory approach Working Groups discussed potential improvements or adjustments in Humanitarians Supply Chain, which will lead to a paper of this logistics network. Also very participative discussed was Logistics Cluster Contribution to the WHS and related challenges in Humanitarian Action. Thus an analysis on how the Logistics Cluster can face and contribute to prioritising most vulnerable, adaptability to future crises, financial constraints, resilience building and to the localisation of preparedness and response took place. Inspirations and discussions finally continued in a very informal format during an evening ceremony, kindly hosted and offered by our Logistics Emergency Team partner Maersk.

Thursday, the second of this Global Meeting, was mainly focusing on standardization, professionalization and challenges in Humanitarian Emergency Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Innovations such as tagging items with Bar codes, standardization in performance measures and challenges in Health Supply Chain were fruitfully discussed and presented by a range of humanitarian organisations, Oxfam, World Vision, UNHCR, UNICEF to name a few. Last but not least the development and revision of the 3-Year Strategy of the Logistics Cluster was put on the table. Basically the strategy consists of four main goals: Provide crucial operational services and information to support the humanitarian community, remain accountable to all stakeholders and remain effectively engaged in policy development. A final decision on how to take the strategy forward is scheduled for the Global Meeting next year.

The last day was dedicated to the presentation of Cash and Markets approaches. Led by the slogan “Restarting Markets – Rethinking ‘Beneficiaries’” the new “Unlocking Cash and Markets-based Programmes” campaign was introduced. Check out our new video on this approach! Furthermore our new teaser on the Logistics Cluster and updates on the development of the Cash and Markets portal ( were presented.


Case studies were presented by Solidarités International, ACF Spain and WFP Kenya focusing on the role of and responsibilities of logistics, on innovative approaches, and on how to adjust logistics processes for Cash and Vouchers interventions. An open session and a sum-up session closed the second meeting of 2014.


It was a great pleasure to meet all colleagues, friends and members of this humanitarian family again: Partners, NGOs, Observers, Donors and all the other stakeholders. Thank you all for this fruitful meeting.