The knowledge that the upcoming monsoon season and possibility of cyclones adversely affecting transportation in and around the Rohingya camps and settlements has been a top priority amongst the humanitarian community in Cox's Bazar.

Many humanitarian organizations have been focusing on preparedness activities and rapid response plans in advance of the rains and wind that will arrive between May and September.

WFP as the lead agency of the Logistics Sector made available twenty 20-foot containers, as weather proof storage, to assist in the stockpiling and preparation planning of these organizations. In total, eight different organizations requested containers which are to be placed in seven strategic locations around the Rohingya camps and settlements.

Multiple site visits prior to the delivery of the containers were required to ensure adequate access for the trucks carrying containers and the accompanying crane.

Additionally, organizations were advised on the preparation of the sites that they identified to ensure the secure placement of the containers away from potential landslide zones and above flood-prone areas.

On Sunday, 15 April the first eight of these containers were delivered to sites throughout Ukhiya and Teknaf Uphazillas. The remaining twelve containers were requested to be located at the new Logistics & Engineering Hub in Madhu Chara and will be made available once the hub becomes operational.

The organizations which requested and have been loaned containers through the Logistics Sector are IOM, Japanese Red Cross, Oxfam, Samaritan’s Purse, Solidarites International, Unicef, WFP and WHO.