Did you know that around the globe, women humanitarians make up over 40 percent of humanitarian workers worldwide? Across every sector, every operation, and every profession, women humanitarians are critical in emergency response.

This week, we celebrate them.


In the lead up to this year’s World Humanitarian Day, we looked back on our blog to reflect on the stories of four women from across Logistics Cluster operations: from South Sudan to Yemen.


Fatouma Omar Mohamed

Logistics Officer, Yemen Operation


Based in Djibouti, Fatouma works as a Logistics Officer for sea operations. Photo: WFP/Cassandra Prena

“I hope that more and more women will decide to work in logistics. It can be very tough, but at the same time it is extremely rewarding. Every time I see the shipments sailing towards Yemen, I have the feeling that I’ve accomplished something important - helping humanitarian organisations in their mission of helping the people who need it. Overall, I was very lucky to join a team that valued me and gave me the opportunity to grow professionally.” Read our full story with Fatouma.


Fiona Lithgow

Logistics Cluster Coordinator, South Sudan


Fiona  Lithgow has been Logistics Cluster Coordinator in South Sudan since 2014. Photo: Logistics Cluster

“The reason I come to work in the morning is because there’s still a lot to do here, there are still areas we can become better in, there are still areas we can become more efficient in. We’re not perfect, nobody is perfect. There is a drive to be better at what we do, a drive to keep fine-tuning, a drive to keep striving towards a better response.” Read Fiona’s story.


Richie Bhattarai

Logistics Officer, Nigeria


Richie at an MSU set-up training in Maiduguri. Photo: Logistics Cluster. 

“As a national staff member in Nepal, I learned a lot about warehouse management. One of my main goals here in Nigeria is to pass on my knowledge to my team and to partner organisations to ensure they are set up for success.” Read more about Richie’s role.


Erika Iglesis

IM Officer, Cyclone Idai Response, Mozambique


Erika was deployed within 24 hours of Cyclone Idai making landfall in Mozambique. Photo: Logistics Cluster

“I never quite knew the magnetism of the Logistics Cluster t-shirt until I arrived at the Emergency Operations Centre. On my first day, I think I was approached by over 50 humanitarians. Partners recognise us, and it was clear there was an urgent need for coordination, IM and common services to ensure relief cargo was reaching those in need efficiently and quick.” Read about Erika’s experience on the frontline of a Logistics Cluster response.