The COVID-19 page has been established to support and encourage interagency collaboration to increase the efficiency and coherency of the COVID-19 response and to minimize disruptions to the supply chain of current humanitarian operations.

The content of this page is a result of information gathering and analysis by the Global Logistics Cluster, the Supply Chain Inter Agency Coordination Cell and other Logistics Cluster partners who together are committed to leveraging their collective expertise to fight COVID-19.

The Supply Chain Inter-Agency Coordination Cell (SCICC) is part of a coordination mechanism established by the United Nations Crisis Management Team (UNCMT) to support strategic guidance, operational decision-making, and overall monitoring of the global humanitarian response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Cell, led by WHO and based in Geneva, aims at bringing together partners committed to leveraging their respective strengths to fight COVID-19. The work of the Cell will complement the work done by UN agencies, international organizations and coordination mechanisms such as the Health Cluster and the Logistics Cluster.

Two Working Groups will support the work of the SCICC:

The Supply and Markets Working Group, chaired by WHO, is established to share insights on the markets of critical health items, coordinate procurement when possible, update and coordinate on the fulfillment of minimum requirements globally. Foster a global and coordinated approach to market. Click here for the ToR of the Working Group

Supply and Markets Working Group

The Global Humanitarian Logistics Continuity Working Group, chaired by the Logistics Cluster, is established to share updates on the logistics markets, access constraints, raise any logistics related issues and gaps affecting programmes and suggest appropriate solutions by exploring inter-agency collaboration opportunities. Click here for the ToR of the Working Group

Global Humanitarian Logistics Continuity Working Group

Private Sector Links

Wilhelmsen Global Port Restrictions Map

BIMCO Advice and Updates for Sea Transport

Agility Global Shipping Updates

North Impact on Shipping

Please note that WFP and the Logistics Cluster are not in a position to endorse or comment on any companies suitability as a reputable supplier/service provider.


WFP Aviation Passenger Transport

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 Air Transport

In cooperation with the Government of the Netherlands, we are scoping for interest with partners having ready to go cargo for a flight from Amsterdam to Mombasa, please reach out to or insert your transport needs on the chocolat platform. The opportunity is offered thanks to the optimisation of a repatriation flight.

18 May 2020 19:15
 Cargo transport schedule
 Air Transport
18 May 2020 08:30

Humanitarian partners can fill out their needs for international cargo transport in this form. The information will facilitate consolidation of transport requirements to connect with existing offers.

The information will subsequently be displayed in a dashboard called Cluster Humanitarian Operational Coordination of Logistics and Air Transport (CHOCOLAT) and shared with the concerned partners.This does not imply an offer of service from the Logistics Cluster, or WFP as lead agency.





Supply Chain Inter-Agency Coordination Cell (SCICC)

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