This page has been established to support logistics and supply chain collaboration across the global humanitarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The content of this page is a result of information contributed by the Agencies and Organizations that support the Cluster Approach for Logistics, and information gathering and analysis by the Global Logistics Cluster Support Team.


Cargo Entry Points


UNHRD cargo storage in Panama, Las Palmas, Accra, Brindisi, Dubai and Subang.


WFP cargo transport from Belgium, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Panama and South Africa.

Air Transport

EU passenger transport from Europe.


WFP passenger transport to +40 destinations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific.


EU cargo transport from Europe.


WFP cargo transport from Belgium, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Panama, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Sea/River Transport

WFP cargo transport from the Belgium, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Country Resources

Logistics Capacity Assessments
Inter-Agency Risk Assessment
Inter-Agency Response Plan

Latest updates

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For technical guidance on COVID-19 please refer to WHO's dedicated page here.

For IASC COVID-19 Outbreak Readiness and Response guidance please click here

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Private Sector Links

Wilhelmsen Global Port Restrictions Map

BIMCO Advice and Updates for Sea Transport

Agility Global Shipping Updates

North Impact on Shipping

Please note that WFP and the Logistics Cluster are not in a position to endorse or comment on any companies suitability as a reputable supplier/service provider.




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